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Anonymous said:
what theme did you use before this one? ^^

i don’t remember;;

is my icon okay now pam or do i do the fugaku

omg paPI do me in the bUTT

I... I love your icon ;w;

Thank you ;V; its a beautiful drawing my friend Evav did for me :’)

I am in between honestly, i like Obito, i’m really sad about his death because it was really emotional and hard to take, for someone who has been a main villain for so long.

I don’t blame people of being mad at Naruto forgiving him so easily, i can’t 100% say i am okay with everything Obito did, but this is the thing about villains, especially in Narutoverse. Kishimoto has always written about how important forgiveness is, and reflects it on Naruto. 

Now Obito is truly a controversial and complex character so its hard to grasp how he p much caused a lot of damage to a lot of people on Narutoverse, that’s the thing though, sometimes even characters like Obito end up having a good end. 

I can’t say i’m 100% convinced but that’s just me of course;;; i like Obito after all, but i guess its hard to understand since things in narutoverse are different. idk.


rip in peace obiot


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